Jeff & Katia Blom

Jeff has 33 years of experience in law enforcement, investigations, and security. He is a former chief of police and has served in executive leadership with other non-government organizations working on combating human trafficking around the world, Chief Investigations and Security Officer.  With over 13 years of international and domestic anti-human trafficking experience at an operational and strategic level, Jeff has conducted over 450 undercover operations in 42 countries, working closely with local law enforcement officials on victim interventions. He has developed an intelligence fusion center and pioneered an intelligence-led investigative strategy in human trafficking investigations.

Katia recently decided to take a turn in life to follow a passion that has lived in her since childhood; empowering others to embrace their God-given value, beauty, and dignity, fulfilling their purpose in life.  She has focused her heart and passion, alongside her husband, towards building the capacity of Love Justice International in its fight against the world’s greatest injustices, inviting others to join in leaving a lasting impression, creating a profound transformational impact that only occurs through dynamic partnerships.