Children Ministry: The primary task of this ministry is to help children on their journey of learning about God, the love of Jesus, and to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Children’s ministry offers a fun, energetic and exciting worship experience for preschoolers and kindergarten to six grade.  Children participate in praise, worship, rotation through age appropriate activities,

(ex.  Bible study, music, arts, and crafts.)

Youth Ministry: This dynamic ministry is for youth ages twelve to eighteen. The youth will have an opportunity to participate in exciting prayer, bible study and rap sessions.  Our goal for the youth ministry is to aid today’s youth in their development.  Equipping them to be prepared to overcome all of today’s challenges that the world may present.  Aiding the family in the molding of young teens into becoming adults. Adults that will be effective in their families and community.  To see the fruits of the spirit developed and manifested in their lives so that the revelation of Christ in them will be revealed to the ones they come in contact with.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry: The individuals on this team are called and accountable for all the prayer needs of the church.  They dedicate themselves to continual intercessory prayer on behalf of the church, leadership, members, and community.  This ministry prays before each service.  

Couples Ministry: This team makes schedule times when married couples come together once a month to understand God’s purpose for marriage.  Through teachings, mentoring, prayer, open discussions, they learn of God’s plan for their marriages. They also set aside allotted time to have food, fun, and fellowship with playing games or go on outing together. This ministry offers spiritual and emotional support to all couples who are in need.  Sessions are generally held on the 4th Monday of each month, with the exception of some planned Saturday events. Bishop and Lady Osagie will meet in private counseling sessions upon request.

Genesis 2:24 ”For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh.” (NIV)

Singles Ministry: The Singles Ministry is designed to give single adult men and women an avenue to embrace their “singleness” through relevant and relational Bible studies, fellowship, occasional planned activities and outings.  This Ministry is based on:1 Corinthians 7:34 – The unmarried cares for the things of the Lord resulting in Holiness in both body and in spirit.

Media Ministry: This ministry provides different methods of conveying information to the public internally and externally.  They provide technical support for church services and special events including the operation of sound, lights, photography, and video. The announcer’s staff is also a branch of this team that assist to provide important information to the congregation and our Broadcast listeners. The media ministry provides graphic design support such as programs, flyers, announcements, calendars, etc.

Praise Team Ministry: This ministry mission is to set the atmosphere and usher in the Holy Spirit through praise and worship.  Thus, creating an atmosphere where God’s people can freely and openly express their praise, adoration and worship to God.

Ambassador Ministry: The Usher Ministry is the standing backbone of endless successful services.  They are the watchmen at the door of our Holy place of worship.  This group of dedicated men, women and youth adults serve during all worship services, special ministry programs, church events and church outings with both pride and excellence.  This ministry maintains an orderly service by warmly greeting, seating, and helping to guide members and visitors as needed.

Hospitality/Welcome Ministry

This team of individuals is available for, preparing and serving meals, and for all events at the church that require catering services.  This job requires food preparation, serving meals, kindness to people being served.  Volunteers are welcome. (See New Member Coordinator if you are interested).

The welcome committee have the pleasure of greeting all visitors and providing  gifts bags filled with Word of Truth memorabilia items, provides calls to visitors within 48 hours of their visits, and sends, “Thank you for worshipping with us post cards”. This committee also, welcome, follow up, and referrer new members the New Member Coordinator for their new member’s class.

Van/Bus Ministry (Driver & Monitors): This Ministry is also responsible for transportation needs for members to and from church services and other special events.

 Parking Lot Ministry (Assist in parking of cars and monitoring the parking lot): Volunteer parking attendants assist drivers before and after services, especially when large attendance is expected, in guiding drivers to appropriate and available parking areas.  They also assist with security around the church grounds.